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  1. 01. Secrets.flac25.20 MB
  2. 02. Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling) (Hifi Sean Remix).flac44.48 MB
  3. 03. Nerves of Steel (Andy Bell & Gareth Jones' Sapphire and Steel Mix).flac61.07 MB
  4. 04. Fallen Angel (Saint Remix).flac43.55 MB
  5. 05. No Point in Tripping (John "J-C" Carr & Bill Coleman 808 BEACH Extended Remix).flac45.08 MB
  6. 06. Shot A Satellite (GRN Extended Remix).flac34.32 MB
  7. 07. Tower of Love (BSB's Stella Polaris Remix).flac52.81 MB
  8. 08. Diamond Lies (Armageddon Turk Extended Remix).flac29.63 MB
  9. 09. New Horizons (Matt Pop Extended Remix).flac31.07 MB
  10. 10. Careful What I Try to Do (Brixxtone Extended Remix).flac35.74 MB
  11. 11. Kid You're Not Alone (Theo Kottis Remix).flac38.86 MB
  12. 12. Secrets (Kim Ann Foxman's Heaven Mix).flac42.43 MB
  13. 13. No Point in Tripping (Can Love Be Synth Remix).flac42.03 MB
  14. 14. Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling) (Hifi Sean Dub).flac37.76 MB
  15. 15. Careful What I Try to Do (Brixxtone Synthwave Dub).flac33.68 MB
  16. 16. Nerves of Steel (Gareth Jones' ElectroGenetic Terabyte of Love Mix).flac49.23 MB
  17. 17. Kid You're Not Alone (Paul Humphreys Remix).flac36.03 MB
  18. 18. Secrets (Octo Octa's Psychedelic Visions Disco Dub).flac82.71 MB
  19. cover.jpg696.52 KB