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Info Hash:
  1. cover.jpg793.74 KB
  2. CD1/01. Never Grow Old (Live).flac6.97 MB
  3. CD1/02. You Grow Closer (Live).flac6.20 MB
  4. CD1/03. Today I Sing The Blues.flac29.34 MB
  5. CD1/04. Won't Be Long.flac33.23 MB
  6. CD1/05. Are You Sure.flac34.70 MB
  7. CD1/06. Operation Heartbreak.flac36.87 MB
  8. CD1/07. Skylark.flac36.15 MB
  9. CD1/08. Runnin' Out Of Fools.flac31.68 MB
  10. CD1/09. One Step Ahead.flac32.33 MB
  11. CD1/10. (No, No) I'm Losing You.flac39.20 MB
  12. CD1/11. Cry Like A Baby.flac24.72 MB
  13. CD1/12. A Little Bit Of Soul.flac27.34 MB
  14. CD1/13. My Kind of Town (Detroit Is) [Demo].flac22.72 MB
  15. CD1/14. Try a Little Tenderness (Demo).flac35.57 MB
  16. CD1/15. I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) [2018 Mono Remaster].flac32.38 MB
  17. CD1/16. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (2018 Mono Remaster).flac35.61 MB
  18. CD1/17. Respect (2018 Mono Remaster).flac28.02 MB
  19. CD1/18. A Change Is Gonna Come (Mono).flac47.14 MB
  20. CD1/19. Chain of Fools (Alternate Version).flac55.10 MB
  21. CD1/20. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [UK Single Version].flac31.28 MB
  22. CD1/21. (Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone [2020 Remaster].flac31.35 MB
  23. CD1/22. Ain't No Way (2020 Remaster).flac51.65 MB
  24. CD1/23. My Song (2018 Mono Remaster).flac38.51 MB
  25. CD1/24. You Send Me (2018 Mono Remaster).flac27.67 MB
  26. CD1/25. The House That Jack Built (2018 Mono Remaster).flac27.75 MB
  27. CD1/26. Tracks of My Tears (2020 Remaster).flac37.00 MB
  28. CD2/01. Baby, I Love You (Live at the Olympia Theatre, Paris, May 7, 1968).flac37.11 MB
  29. CD2/02. Son of a Preacher Man.flac37.80 MB
  30. CD2/03. Call Me (Alternate Version).flac40.66 MB
  31. CD2/04. Let It Be (with The Dixie Flyers) [2020 Remaster].flac42.52 MB
  32. CD2/05. Young, Gifted and Black (Alternate Longer Take).flac44.42 MB
  33. CD2/06. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Long Version).flac52.68 MB
  34. CD2/07. It's Not Unusual - See Saw (with Tom Jones) [Live].flac35.30 MB
  35. CD2/08. You're All I Need to Get By (Work Tape).flac49.50 MB
  36. CD2/09. Brand New Me (Alternate Take 6).flac48.09 MB
  37. CD2/10. Spanish Harlem (Alternate Mix).flac51.82 MB
  38. CD2/11. Rock Steady (Alternate Mix - Young, Gifted and Black Outtake).flac58.29 MB
  39. CD2/12. Day Dreaming.flac48.86 MB
  40. CD2/13. Share Your Love with Me (Live at Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 3-6-1971).flac58.13 MB
  41. CD2/14. Don't Play That Song (Live at Fillmore West).flac40.17 MB
  42. CD2/15. Dr. Feelgood (Live).flac87.79 MB
  43. CD2/16. Spirit in the Dark (Reprise) [Live at Fillmore West].flac114.44 MB
  44. CD2/17. How I Got Over (Live at New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, January 13, 1972) [Single Edit].flac51.02 MB
  45. CD2/18. Master of Eyes (The Deepness of Your Eyes).flac44.64 MB
  46. CD3/01. Somewhere (Alternate Version).flac63.06 MB
  47. CD3/02. Angel (Work Tape).flac63.88 MB
  48. CD3/03. The Boy from Bombay.flac41.88 MB
  49. CD3/04. Til It's Over (Demo).flac36.39 MB
  50. CD3/05. Oh Baby AKA There's Something Magic About You (Demo).flac36.05 MB
  51. CD3/06. Until You Come Back to Me (Demo).flac45.38 MB
  52. CD3/07. I'm in Love (Alternate Vocal - Let Me in Your Life Outtake).flac37.35 MB
  53. CD3/08. Without Love.flac41.00 MB
  54. CD3/09. Mr. D.J. (5 For The D.J.).flac60.29 MB
  55. CD3/10. You.flac52.88 MB
  56. CD3/11. Something He Can Feel (Edit).flac44.68 MB
  57. CD3/12. Look Into Your Heart.flac52.68 MB
  58. CD3/13. Break It to Me Gently.flac43.64 MB
  59. CD3/14. When I Think About You.flac64.08 MB
  60. CD3/15. Almighty Fire (Woman of the Future).flac59.68 MB
  61. CD3/16. Ladies Only (Short Version).flac53.73 MB
  62. CD3/17. You Light Up My Life.flac56.01 MB
  63. CD3/18. Ooo Baby Baby (with Smokey Robinson) [Live].flac26.32 MB
  64. CD3/19. Amazing Grace (Live).flac63.98 MB
  65. CD4/01. Think.flac45.07 MB
  66. CD4/02. I Say a Little Prayer (with Dionne Warwick) [Live].flac34.06 MB
  67. CD4/03. United Together.flac50.94 MB
  68. CD4/04. Jump To It.flac55.30 MB
  69. CD4/05. The Wind.flac54.05 MB
  70. CD4/06. Freeway of Love.flac53.84 MB
  71. CD4/07. Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves.flac60.06 MB
  72. CD4/08. I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me).flac53.89 MB
  73. CD4/09. Oh Happy Day (Live).flac52.46 MB
  74. CD4/10. A Rose Is Still a Rose.flac57.37 MB
  75. CD4/11. Someday We'll All Be Free.flac106.55 MB
  76. CD4/12. The Makings of You.flac54.22 MB
  77. CD4/13. Nessun Dorma (Live).flac40.73 MB
  78. CD4/14. At Last (with Lou Rawls) [Live].flac83.60 MB
  79. CD4/15. You've Got A Friend (feat. Aretha Franklin).flac31.83 MB
  80. CD4/16. Rolling in the Deep (The Aretha Version).flac54.06 MB
  81. CD4/17. My Country 'Tis of Thee.flac37.92 MB
  82. CD4/18. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman [Live].flac53.40 MB